Are Separation Agreements Public Record

If the records are submitted under closure, they are not available for public viewing. For example, records that are usually filed under lock and key include those that involve the identification of children or victims of sexual abuse. A court may also agree to leave a divorce secret if information can be potentially harmful to a person when it becomes publicly available. For most couples, divorce is the last outstanding issue, after all other issues – such as custody and distribution of property – have been resolved by a separation agreement. Information about the processing of the divorce – or the actual separation of the agreement – can be found on our Divorce page. If the court orders to seal these records, it is a good idea to verify that all records that should be edited or sealed are actually sealed. This guide provides advice on the search for divorce files from 1563 to the present day and on the search for separation protocols and other cases. There are separate pages on: Talk to an experienced family lawyer if you are concerned that your divorce documents will be available to the public. There may be actions you can take to seal all or part of your records. If you can`t leave a document under lock and key, you can edit certain information such as bank account numbers and social security numbers. Redaction means that confidential information is indicated in some documents, leaving only relevant information. Divorce often involves many personal problems between spouses and their families. Each person may have their own private reasons for obtaining a divorce or separating from their spouse.

Unfortunately, court records, including divorce notices, are generally considered public information in the state of Missouri. All evidence presented to the Tribunal will also be part of the public protocol. The evidence provided may include video or audio recordings; Transcripts of phone calls, emails or texts or even love letters written by a spouse to someone who is not the other spouse. This information can be very embarrassing and revealing when it is available to the public. The information that one or both spouses wish to keep outside the public is: Today, Redaction is a good way to prevent your bank account information from being made available to the public and to protect you in part from theft. An informed presentation protects your personal data during your divorce.