Delivery Date In Scheduling Agreement In Sap

If the user agrees with this, you can ask the user to change the date of the schedule to avoid distribution. The other option is to re-plan with t.code V_V2 so that quantities are confirmed based on the priority and availability of the hardware. 1. As far as I know, these delivery plans were mentioned in the development of this delivery plan. Subsequently, no updates were made for the delivery plans. We know that there is a BadI (“Sales Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule Check”) that allows us to define customer checks for delivery plan delivery data. I can ask you to help me solve this problem pls. The user wanted it to be a single delivery. Should I expect the system, if the delivery date is a non-working day, to postpone it to the next work date? The framework agreement is a long-term sales contract between Kreditor and Debitor. The structure agreement is of two types: Ich maintained in ME38 (Delivery Plan) Next week`s delivery date (05.07.2006) for a delivery plan.

As soon as I receive the goods in the MIGO, it is said that the document does not contain selectable items. We have established an MM delivery plan in ME31L for the outsourcing process. We are working with the sales delivery plans and the API “Delivery Plan of the Sale Delivery Agreement – Reception, Update (B2B)) ” to update JIT`s delivery forecasting and planning positions. Why doesn`t it allow me to make GR for an agreement that has the delivery date in the future? Then I changed the delivery plan to the current date. Then I did the GR in MIGO. Now it shows me the crowd to receive. Is there another standard field that we can use in communication to use it as a criterion for updating delivery times? Step-2 Enter the contract`s end date in the head data screen. To avoid this problem, the user may be asked to change the delivery plan for 2 other items from 05.07.2008 to 02/08/2008. ? You`re absolutely right. Don`t forget that you are scheduled for the delivery plan.

Delivery plans are drawn up by MRPor Kanban or the user. In this case, I use kanban to create delivery plans; The problem is to update the ME38/EKES delivery plan. No alerts or error messages yet. In each delivery plan, you will find two calendars, i.e. JIT forecasts and calendars. calendars you have on JIT can be converted into deliveries. In my opinion, if you only have one calendar, you can only create one delivery. In general, these schedues are automatically downloaded when you use IDOCs.

The appointment agreement is supposed to be just in time PO type. Therefore, you are not allowed to receive goods before the delivery date. However, we do not know the impact of the “Account to The Debtor” field on updating delivery plans. This delivery plan includes 6 positions. Although I mentioned the same delivery plan for all positions in the delivery plan, distribution is still provided for individual positions when establishing delivery in ME2O. Because of these different requirement dates, there is always a sharing of deliveries. When a creation profile is available, it will aggregate the release data (i.e. expected) in quantities and dates. Hello all,In agreement with this problem, I had the same problem as Nandhu, except the fact that after the creation of scheduling agreement (w / delivery calendar) it does not appear in MIGO, even after exhausting your suggetion in this forum. I have the same message “document does not contain a selectable article” and was not even able to display the article in MIGO, although I replace the delivery plan with the date today.